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Moody Jr. High School Important Upcoming Events
Posted On:
Monday, July 24, 2017


·      August 1st & 2nd 8:30-2:30pm - Donation Days – Donation $25.00, Locker $15.00

Donation of $25 will pay for the copier and paper for all the students entire school year.
Lockers will be available to purchase on this day with paid donation.
Total for donation & locker is $40.
There will be plenty of lockers available on Orientation night 8/7 if you can't make either of these days.

·      August 7th - 8th Grade Orientation 4:30-6 – Meet at 4:30 in the Lunchroom

·      August 7th – 7th Grade Orientation 6:30-8 - Meet at 6:00 in the Lunchroom

·      August 9th – 1st Day for Students

























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